Jan Moir

Twitter screen grab referring to Trafigura and Jan Moir Incensed,
along with countless others, at the article published by the Daily
Mail, airing Jan Moir’s homophobic bile, I complained the PCC. There
was a special link on the PCC’s website to complain about Jan Moir,
clearly reflecting the huge reaction. The reply I got is this:
“Dear David Kreps
Thank you for sending us your complaint about the Daily Mail article on
the subject of the death of Stephen Gately. We have received numerous
complaints about this matter.
I should first make clear that the Commission generally requires the
involvement of directly affected parties before it can begin an
investigation into an article. On this occasion, it may be a matter for
the family of Mr Gately to raise a complaint about how his death has
been treated by the Daily Mail. I can inform you that we have made
ourselves available to the family and Mr Gately’s bandmates, in order
that they can use our services if they wish.
We require the direct involvement of affected parties because the PCC
process can have a public outcome and it would be discourteous for the
Commission to publish information relating to individuals without their
knowledge or consent. Indeed, doing so might unwittingly add to any
intrusion. Additionally, one of the PCC’s roles is dispute resolution,
and we would need contact with the affected party in order to determine
what would be an acceptable means of settling a complaint.
On initial examination, it would appear that you are, therefore, a third
party to the complaint, and wemay not be able to pursue your concerns
further. However, if you feel that your complaint touches on claims that
do not relate directly to Mr Gately or his family, please let us know,
making clear how they raise a breach of the Code of Practice. If you
feel that the Commission should waive its third party rules, please make
clear why you believe this.

Press Complaints Commission”

So, the Press Complaints Commission, created by the Press, for the Press. I, for one, am NOT impressed.

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