Blog Rebirth

Thumb of the old blog I have spent the last five hours, after three and half years with Pivot, completely migrating my entire blog from March 2007 to September 2010, into a new WordPress installation. Why? Because I wanted to create a page with all of the Peru entries, and found it not only difficult, but ended up screwing up the entries in Pivot, almost losing one, and mucking up the date sequence. So I exported the lot into Movable Type format, installed WordPress on my server, imported the lot into the installation, sorted out all the dates, and hey presto. It was quite time-consuming get it all sorted out, unfortunately – the export/import mucked up ALL the dates (US vs British dating) which required amending them all – BUT WordPress, unlike Pivot, lets you do that 🙂 AND now I have a lovely page all about Peru. And all the wonderful advantages of WordPress. I have been thinking about migrating for, oh, at least a year. I tried in fact, over a year ago, but the installation process was a nightmare. This time it took 5 minutes – they’ve got it sorted now 🙂
So welcome to the New Blog, just like the Old Blog, but with a new engine!

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