The Incorporation of Commercial Facebook Pages

Facebook Alert to new style of Pages 'Pages are now more like Profiles. Pages have been updated to behave more like your friends' Profiles. Now they feature a Wall, where you can post photos and messages. Soon you'll start to see posts by Pages in your News Feed.

So Facebook incorporate commercial facebook pages as part of their new
revamp. Now what used to be simple one-page ads become full-on
profiles just like people. Companies are now people on Facebook, just
like legal entities in the wider world. What a shrewd move. Their
clever adverts will appear in our newsfeeds, thumbs of their antic
photos jostling with teasing half-clues bristling with ‘buzz’. The line
beyond which the early populace of Facebook will suddenly enmasse
desert to some platform less overtly a paragon of establishment
corporatism could be crossed at any moment. Watch this space.

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