In July/August I went to Canada, for a stay in Montreal, to attend the first World OutGames with the Manchester Lesbian and Gay Chorus. We also stopped off in Toronto and at the Niagara Falls before returning home.

Canada 2006

Scotland 2006

In June 2006 I headed off up to the Isles of Scotland again – this time going as far as Lewis, to visit the stones of Callanish.

Scotland 2006


2006 was a year of many travels – the first year in which my job, (which I started in 2004), began to require frequent trips abroad.   The year’s trips began in March with a visit to Athens, where I took the opportunity to enjoy the Acropolis and the Museums.

Athens 2006


Scotland 2005


In the summer of 2005 I made a visit to the Inner Hebrides, Scotland.  I have been to Scotland many times, and this proved to be the first of many more visits – almost annual from now on.  My parents first took me when I was a child, and we went to Skye, and perhaps also to the Uists, though I don’t recall exactly. My next visit, under my own steam – in a Mazda 323 – was in 1995, when Luke and I visited Edinburgh, Drumnadrochit on  Loch Ness, paid a toll to drive over the new bridge to Skye, and went to Mull and my first visit to Lochbiue, and to Iona.  In 2001 I went with Jan for my first trip to Lewis, where we spent a week in a little cottage on the main road up from the ferry port on Harris, and spent almost every day at Callanais Stone Circle.

On this trip, in 2005, I went to Skye, and returned to Mull, to again visit Lochbuie and Iona.