MacBook Pro


So to bring us up to date I am proud to announce that I have acquired a MacBook Pro, and created this blog with it.


I used Apple Macs between 1988 and 1998 – yes I’ve been a bit of a geek for quite a while – see the archive page
for websites I’ve made over the last decade or more – then went onto
PCs in 1998, and have about three on the go at any one time at the
moment, but since January 2007 I am now back on Macs as my main laptop
and working environment and very happy about it!

Update Feb 2012:
A quick update – composed on my MacAir, my iPad2 beside me and my iPhone4S in my pocket – I can say that, following Steve Jobs’ death, I am glad to see that Tim is opening up the distribution network he created to ethical scrutiny []



in September 2006, I visited Krakow, Poland, for a conference, and took
a day out to visit Auschwitz. This is something one simply has to do,
once in one’s life. My father’s mother’s family, the Bergmans, and her
mother’s family, the Dembitzers, all Polish, would all have been
despatched at Belson or Dachau, long before Auschwitz was built to
despatch the rest of European Jewry. But Auschwitz is certainly the
largest, and most awesome of the camps, and a death camp where on one
day at the peak of its operations 100,000 people perished.