MacBook Pro


So to bring us up to date I am proud to announce that I have acquired a MacBook Pro, and created this blog with it.


I used Apple Macs between 1988 and 1998 – yes I’ve been a bit of a geek for quite a while – see the archive page
for websites I’ve made over the last decade or more – then went onto
PCs in 1998, and have about three on the go at any one time at the
moment, but since January 2007 I am now back on Macs as my main laptop
and working environment and very happy about it!

Update Feb 2012:
A quick update – composed on my MacAir, my iPad2 beside me and my iPhone4S in my pocket – I can say that, following Steve Jobs’ death, I am glad to see that Tim is opening up the distribution network he created to ethical scrutiny []

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