Liberated Iraq Abuses Freedom to Kill Gay Men with Abandon

Graffiti in a neighborhood in Najaf - Death to the People of Lot - referring to a derogatory term in Arabic for gay men Investigating
reports of the murder and torture of gay men in Iraq, (BBC News) found
that some gays found Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship preferable to the
threat of violence they face today.

Were we really
conned by our leaders into prosecuting a disastrous war in a far-flung
land to enable such murderous bigotry to prevail? Is this what the
brave young men and women of this country fought – and died – for? I
think not. I am incensed!

OK, so it is a very partisan straw
to break the camel’s back of my silence, in this blog, on the
prosecution of Western wars in the Middle East, but we are all human,
and every one of us who has despaired of the lies of the great and the
good that brought about such wars has done so in some way or other in
connection to a personally held belief or connection, and I am no
different. I voted for Blair in 1997, and, like most, lost faith in him
when he took us to war. He did so, I still like to believe, out of
some religious conviction. Yet the man he followed – Bush – did so out
of nothing less than greed. As Hollywood put it, “There’s no such thing
as Shia and Shiite, Christian and Muslim, West and East….. there’s
only the haves and the have nots.” [spoken by an oil tycoon Senator in
the Mark Wahlberg movie, ‘Shooter’]. Bush was working for his own clan,
the ‘haves’, regardless of what Blair thought was going on. And quite
clearly so was Brown, regardless of what froth from the orgy of profit
he stoked that he has tried to dole out to the needy in overcomplicated

I supported the war against the Taliban, [murderous homophobes that they are,] for a while, against my better nature, because of their practice of knocking stone walls upon gay men – their customary capital punishment for gay Afghans, amongst their many other crimes.

The Iraq war by contrast has been a fiasco from the start, and for this
to be what we have freed the Iraqi people to do – well I am disgusted.
Bring back Saddam Hussein!

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