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Today I have installed my DEHEMS electricity meter, and begun to take
part in the EU research project I have been helping to run since June
2008. This is Cycle 2, following a protracted but revealing and
thorough Cycle 1, and the equipment and installation were all easier and
much more advanced than the Cycle 1 equipment, which I viewed, but did
not install in my own home, as I have now, with the new Cycle 2

The point of it all? Well smart metering is very much a hot topic these
days, but the vast majority of the systems available are very simple,
and often proprietary. This system promises to be (is already) much
more fun, harnessing the joys of Web2.0 to spruce up the whole
experience of smart metering with being able to view data on one’s own
web account at – a site full of helpful tips and advice –
and adjust one’s behaviour to make the measurements better approach the
kind of efficiency one seeks.

I look forward to the joys of intelligent smart metering!

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