Chaos as Ice Turns to Water

OK so the world can lurch on after a deal is finally being struck to stave off default in the US.  The Euro’s latest sticking plaster is more likely to last as long as many hope.

But aren’t we being chivvied headlong – by a tea-drinking dog that believes the elite should be properly rich, that there should be those who are above, and those who are below – down a road in which the middle classes are those who are progressively being culled?  Viewed from left field, although their consumption patterns are gargantuan, the super-rich – even the burgeoning global plutocracy whose hegemonic strategies dangle the tea-drinkers on their invisible strings – are probably individually (even collectively) responsible for much less of a climate change inducing carbon footprint than that being enacted by the great mass of the middle classes created since the second world war.  This road, indeed, might actually be good for the planet.  Along with a few nuclear power stations to reduce dependence on fossil fuel faster than we can create enough sustainable sources.

Pull the other one?



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